we are there for you. . .
we are there for you. . .


Ki-Hara with Chuck has changed the movement quality and alignment of my body more than I ever could have imagined. Before I started working with Chuck, lower back pain and muscle spasms greatly limited my ability to exercise. Chuck’s profound knowledge and natural intuition gave my muscles new range of motion and relieved all of my pain. I am stronger and much more flexible. The exercises truly feel like a dance between trainer and client as we communicate and explore complex anatomical connections and what works best for me.

So, thank you Chuck.

Jennifer Ellsworth
Attorney and Life Coach

I cannot stress enough the benefits of having an experienced trainer to supervise your activities at the gym. Overweight, out of shape, lethargic and not feeling great, I made up my mind to finally do something about it. After several feeble attempts to get myself going at the gym, I realized that I needed the guidance of a personal trainer. I was referred to a master trainer, Chuck Rowland. At our first session, he listened to my issues (having broken my arm several years ago, weight gain from quitting smoking) and my goals. First, Chuck worked on my core, broadening my range of motion and strengthening my shoulders. Then we tackled the weight problem. Today, I am a very happy man! I have lost 30+ pounds, dropped 5 inches off my waist and feel great!!

With Chuck’s guidance, I have built my core strength and stamina and am continuing to get my body into shape. I could never have done this alone. Standing before the various exercise machines and not knowing what to do on each of them or which ones would benefit me was daunting. Chuck made all of that easy for me. He knew which exercises would be the most beneficial and also showed me how to perform each one correctly.

I cannot sing the praises of his personal training enough, and I strongly recommend Chuck to everyone.

Leslie Edelman
NYC Entrepreneur

As a dedicated gym rat and workout queen for 20 years, having worked on and off with various trainers, I needed some new goals and direction. Chuck helped me shorten my hours in the gym with added results to my physique. I am more flexible, have more shape and am having fun with my new routine thanks to his personalized program.

Gregor Simmons
NYC Fashion Executive

Chuck Rowland is a wonderful combination of technical skill and compassion. He helped create an exercise routine that addressed my personal needs after childbirth. I specifically found his resistance stretch exercises to be very beneficial in strengthening my core and lower back. He takes pride in his work and is a wealth of knowledge in many areas of health and fitness.

Kimberly Salshutz
Acupuncturist/ Energy Healer

I began working out with Chuck with clear goals of losing weight and getting stronger, but balanced against the challenge of needing to create a time-efficient work-out plan that was realistic given my hectic travel schedule.  Very quickly Chuck mapped out a program that’s easy to maintain, keeps me disciplined, and has generated the results I wanted.  I look forward to my “Chuck-outs” more than working out with any other trainer I’ve experienced.

Public Relations Executive