Movement Assessment

FMS - Functional Movement SystemsThis is part of the renowned Functional Movement System developed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton. The FMS is becoming the premier instrument for identifying functional limitations that lead to muscle imbalances, faulty biomechanics and improper move patterns resulting in injury. By focusing on seven movement patterns, the screen exposes the potential risks for injury and provides a baseline for corrective exercise.

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Kinesio CaptureFANY uses this groundbreaking video capture software in combination with the FMS with great success. It allows us to communicate objectively with our clients. It gathers information that may be viewed in slow motion, frame-by-frame or even split-screen. With its touch-screen technology we can also provide snapshots with critical graphic annotation. We can also use this tool separately to evaluate sport-specific skills. Kinesio Capture doubles as both an assessment tool and a productivity tool.

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